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Newgrounds Audio Ban

2015-10-04 09:06:31 by FridgeGMD

Earlier today I recieved this message from "M-Bot";

"You have been banned from submitting audio by BrokenDeck.

Reason: Using Newgrounds as a dump for Geometry Dash music and audio material that is not your own. Banned until we recieve some sort of OFFICIAL confirmation from Stefan Carllson.

Ban Expires: Never"

Stefan Carlsson is my uncle, and this is the official accout for his music. In the descriptions of the songs I have written that, and that I have all rights to publish the audio here. I'd like some help with this, I need to talk to, like a MOD, at Newgrounds. Or could my uncle send a mail to them to confirm that the account is the official of his music so I'll get able to upload music again? Please help, this isn't fair. Newgrounds, please reconsider you harshness.